Friday, July 20, 2007

never ending, never ending, never ending, never ending

the yard continues to grow out of hand and we are working at it when we can. tonite we have decided not to do anything out doors and relax. Last nights project was to move the little shed back to where it was but move the door so it faces the other direction. With two nites of stess and destruction of the shed.. it is moved.
We will get it back together, make it into a garden shed. add some rock and forms around it and it will look good as new.. the shingles are still good..

the kids are fishing with their grandpa jack and joyce tonite down by the river.
sleeping in a tent and entering a derby.. I bet they are having a blast. they forgot the camera so they will have to just share there stories..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lane and Victoria

I went home this weekend to be with my mom and dad and go to my cousin Lane's wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and we all had a very nice time. I was able to take some family picutes of our little family and ended up taking well over 400 pictures on the whole weekend with the help of Hayze.
Tough enough to wear pink

We danced until passed midnight and mom even got up to shake a leg.

The kids got to meet new cousins and spent time with their older cousins. they had so much fun.

Thanks Lane and Victori for the nice time. We really enjoy our tour of your home and the visit. We truly wish that you are able to visit us sometime.

Friday, July 13, 2007

July 4.....

I went home to be with my mother for an apointment in Saskatoon. My whole family was able to be there aswell as Cousin Stan... Who picked me up at "old mcdonalds" resort for a couple night stay in Saskatoon.

This was a outcome of setting the timer and getting a group photo with everyone and the boys in there new straw hats.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Making the best of It

We took the boat out yesterday, to lake Mcgregory for the day.. Well, morning really. It turned out quite cold and the kids were not all that excited about going in the water. Hayze tried knee boading about 6 times. Almost pulled himself up, he got tired from so much pulling and then Jayse tried. He pulled himself up after the second try.. Had to let go quite early thow because his little hands were freezing. We have decided that 30 above is nice boating weather.

Destiny going to bring us into shore.

We made the best of our cool day and stopped and had a campfire on our way out. It was a lot of fun. Hayze had picked out some lunchable for the kids and they had those little weiners in them. We found some really little twigs and the cooked them over the fire.. We had a lot of laughs over these little weiners.. Jim and I even grilled our ham and cheese sandwiches. It turned out to be a nice trip to the lake.

When we got home I got the kids to help weed the "family and friends garden". I had to pay them each 5 bucks... and tell them they could spend it on anything they wanted...It looks beautiful.. with 5 of us doing it.. I think they got over paid...
We went into walmart ... Hayze and Jayse saved there money and Destiny and Kadin bought gold fish... .18 cents each.. they still have money left over... Yes.!!! Fish.. they are in Distiny's room... Sparkle, Dazzle and little Ememe...(hayze named that one.)

got to use our Gazebo last night to eat supper. jim and I moved it onto our cement pad.. It was so nice to not have bugs and just sit and visit with Stacey and Jim for a little while.
This morning I woke up to the sound of metal rolling past my bedroom window.. Yes it didn't make the huge wind storm that blow through... I will see if we can fix it.. if not.. I guess I am not buying the new furniture that is on sale for outside.. I had it pickout to go inside the Gazebo... Oh well... Will have a look when Jim gets home.. I can't lift it myself.
Have a great day.