Monday, June 30, 2008


The sad thing is, it is really smokey here. There is a ton of fires going and we got to see first hand what that looks like in the Valley.
Here are some pictures from our tour to Sedona red sand stone mountains of Sedona
Pink Jeep tour we went on

Smokey sunset that we saw while driving home

landscape between Phoenix and Sadona Valley

Stacey while we stopped on the side of the interstate to take pictures of Cactus

A little town we stopped at on our way up.. Pine Az.
Very tired tonight, going to bed.
good night, twink.

just hot

Sounds like I am complaining, really I am not. It has been just fine, even with the weather so hot... It is ok.
We spent the day at the house outside, drinking blender drinks and dodging golf balls from the 8th tee box..
view of the neighbor back yard. Can you see the dogs.. they swim all the time in the pool but would get out when I peeked through the golf ball net to get a picture.

This was my place in the shade all day. My book, an umbrella, some sun glass and a blender drink. what more could you want?
Stacey throwing a golf ball back to a golfer.

My umbrella drink.

me retrieving a golf ball from the bottom of the pool.
This evening we went to lee ann Womack concert.. IT was fabulous. 4th row and awesome.
Stacey has all the pictures on her camera and her cord doesn't work on the lap top.. I will show pictures soon.. We got some amazing photos. It was so great..

Saturday, June 28, 2008

92 to at 9

Ya, that is the temp. It is warm. Even the locals are warm. They talk about it like us talking about a stretch of -30.
Today was another great day. Home a little bit earlier from our day of spa treatments and shopping. not nearly as much shopping as yesterday. We had supper at another great resturant and we were home by 9. Stacey is already in bed reading as I write this.. The heat can play a person out.
We spent until about 1 pm at the house and then headed back to Chandler to the same spa and to Target. When we were done there we headed over to Chandler mall area and looked in a few stores and went for supper.

the working water feature. I had to get a few floaties out after we turned it on.
you can see golfers off in the distance. They are just out in the early morning, to hot in the afternoon.

backyard flowers.

spent a little to much time in the sun this morning. we were both a bit pink.

reading, relaxing and having a cold one.

This is the very nice place we had suppe at. We even got Jean (owner of the house) a cutting board from hear.
relaxing and staying close to the house tomorrow. Hopefully taking pictures of some cactus.
the landscape around here is so unbelievable.
good night.

82 at 12

Ya, that's how hot it is and we just got home from shopping and eating. We had a fabulous day. We left this morning at 11am.. the following is a photo journal of our day.

our "home made" breakfast that we made before setting the gps and heading into the big city.

Were else did you think our first stop would be?

Then off to the spa, Stacey got a pedicure and I got a facial. We are back there tomorrow for some more treatments. Me Vichy shower and massage and Stacey a chemical peel facial

the entrance to the spa.

Cute little bakery that we ate at after our services. Paradise bakery and cafe.. so good.!!

Huge sporting good store that was just off the interstate. Loved the name so we had to stop in..

And eating again. Joe's crab shack! thought we would eat them rather than get them!

A self portrait.. since no one wanted to come with us.. !! No we are not getting any sun and I still haven't put on any makeup since my facial ... much earlier in the day.. this photo at about 11pm, after a great day of shopping..

Our bucket of crab and our coconut shrimp.. yum-0!

And Dessert.

The end of a long shopping day.. Could you ask for anything more.?

Sleep now, I guess.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

100 in the shade.

Well we made it this morning. The trip was pretty uneventful minus the 1hour wait in customs and waiting for a shuttle that really was a taxi.. (he turned out to be a great driver)
We are staying in a beautiful home with a pool, which is a great thing in this heat. It is very warm here.
After we arrived and ran around like school girls looking from room to room, we headed into town for some lunch and to buy our groceries. We bought a lot of breakifast food and some snacky type food... and some booze to make slushy drinks. I had considered taking a picture of our purchases however.. just cheese and booze doesn't make for a interesting shot.
We came back to the house and went for a swim and had a couple hour nap.

This restuarnat was so awesome. the food, service, and the decor

this is the pool at the houseThis is me in the pool... Stacey wanted to take a picture of my nice makeup job.

We have email and will be checking the comments on the blog.. would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baseball Video Comments

Well baseball this year has been interesting at best. The weather and the getting it together took a little patience but once we got it going it was amazing. I think the parents and kids a like really had fun. Tanya and I had a few laugh attacks on the bleachers and our lips became raw from the new "chili lime" spitz.. that we have all grown to love.
Last night experience of the parents playing the kids was a blast. and I loved it.. I said to Tanya today.. Oh why don't we play ball? it was really Fun... (as she is rubbing liniment on my neck.)

Anyway I made a video of hayze playing ball this spring.. If you are a regular reader you may have seen it. It was a lot of fun to make and my family and friends all seemed to enjoy it.
However I received a email tonight on my Youtube account stating this:

"Did you get consent forms from the parents of Siksika Nation to film our children on this web site???? If not you know we can sue you for this, my child was on your film and I never give you consent to post this....and there are other parents that feel the same way....take it off the site or we will sue!!!!AND WE WON THE LEAGUE LOL!!! "

Now I did tape 3 of there children.. You could see one of their faces from the side when he struck out and I should have been more careful with that. However not meaning any harm to anyone I have taken it off the you tube site. In the video I did state at the end that we did win over Siksika and I did video a couple strike outs.. We did win that game.. !!(Maybe not the league, but that game we won)
I made the mistake of adding "hayze pitching in SIKSIKA" in the tag line.
You tell me, what do you think this is about?

Have a good night.

Pictures Galore

I have been give 2 disc's of photos this weekend and I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. As you all know I love to take pictures, give pictures, and I also like to receive pictures.
I know I have another disc on the way from Karla with ball pictures from last night, really try to express to Karla that being a good friend sometimes means deleting the pictures of your friends that are not so flattering.. I do... I know you will too...

Original by Karla Hammond.

This is a group shot from Stacey's house on Friday night. As I said in a past post.. a lot of pictures taken that night.

Original by Shauna James.

Hayze backcatching in Drumheller.

Ball was a blast last night. We played the the families. We had a really good time and I think the kids think they beat us.. HEHEHE.

Counting down the days tell Pheonix. two more sleeps.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a weekend

We had a fabulous weekend, starting with ball and a bar b q on Friday. The boys played a excellent game of ball on Friday in preparation for the big tournament they had today. After ball we all went out to Stacey's for a visit and of course a bunch of pictures. The kids had a blast on the round bales and us adults visited and fixed generators... Ya, not really the men played in the gas and the woman visited.
On Saturday our family a long with the Clayton family went to Foremost rodeo. The men in the steer wrestling and the boys in the "Wild Pony Race" Everyone had a great weekend. Everyone one money and the ladies got really dirty.. Pictures are a sequence of the 3 boys getting in done with there wild pony. Hayze is in the white helmet. Cole Clayton was the rider and Chase Clayton was the anchor. They could have put on a clinic they did so well.
21 seconds, coming in second to the older group of girls.

This is my favorite picture, walking back with helmet in hand and winnings in the other.

We came home with Heather and the men went on to Couts rodeo and both won a "little" money.

Sunday brought us to our final day of baseball. The boys played very well. They lost out in the final 11 to 10 but they put up a good fight.

Our little buddy Kadin plays on the other Strathmore team, we didn't see it put he was hit in the face with a ball as he reached down to catch it. He is a toughie, he made it back to play.
Our team picture after our final game. What a lot of fun this day was.. rain, sun, wind and a few laughs.
Well, now that this post has taken me forever because of all the pictures.. Unedited I might add.. I am going to bed.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A day of accomplishment

Well I had a very painful massage yesterday trying to get rid of this neck thing. Small steps. I am still crippled up today... I think with a little rest this weekend it will get better.

Well I set out to get rid of the trailer and as I said it is gone. The other thing that has been hanging was that I was never able to get my emails on my phone. I bought a Q when they first came out... if you know me I like my gadgets... Well my first one was working and hooked up right then if was dis functioning so I got a new one and I was never able to get in touch with anyone again that new how to set it up properly so I had left it...Tell yesterday. I took my time and programed it myself.. I am now able to receive work emails on my phone. I thought this would be important for our "work" trip to Phoenix next week. So now that I am able to email off my phone I got a few pictures off.. Now the quality off my phone is not very good.. but really what am I to expect, a phone, email, window docs. mp3......... and a good camera.. NOT.

Here are a few pictures I have taken over the last year...

This is a picture of a painting that I actually thought I was going to take the time to do... ya right

This Picture I took in Vegas at the market at the "PBR". I was walking by a booth and seen these little red underwear with "Hayze" wrote on the bum.. Well really, how could I not take a picture. Turns out the lady that owned the store, her grandson was Hayze too.. Spelt the exact same way. Unbelievable.This is Hayze getting a perm. I think this was Hockey season last year.. We happened to go into the shop one night and Hayze go a impromptu perm.. not curly enough.. he is growing it again..

This is a picture of dad and I at melfort after our long journey with this Hillbilly load on. A boat, some drill bits, cable, a shed package.. plus junk from every liquidation world along the way. It was a fun trip. I wish I had got a better picture of this load.. It was quite funny.

Have a great day.. and don't forget to check out the blogs on the left side.. Randon Sabor thoughts has been updated and she is too funny.