Thursday, February 19, 2009

a couple more pictures from our trip

Well I have had people asking for pictures that I had taken while in Honduras. Here are a few that I will share for now. I have to do a video, and should really be doing that instead of blogging. The video will be on here too, so until then a few hi lites.

Prior to leaving, I told Destiny you are going to want to get your hair braided while we are there, don't even think of asking. Well all the little girls that we were with got theirs done so I could not say know. Her hair actually looked cute. She still has it in and she loves it.

The hot springs we visited after zip lining down 18 zip lines.
I know why they save the hot spring until last, to wash the perspiration off your brow.
( zip lining is a whole other post )

A day trip that we took to a group of little islands to snorkel and site see.
This little island is home to approx. 100 original tribes people.
this guys is filleting our lunch for us.

Little girl on the island

kids crowding around to receive gifts that we had brought.
this was a bit scary to start off with. I was crowded by a group of kids and adults alike until a couple of the elders came out and helped me get to this area that separated us from them and we were than able to hand the stuff out without them grabbing at us or our stuff.

desolate island that we stopped to snorkel. the kids found it way more fun to catch and play with hermit crabs.

hermit crabs

Destiny playing water volley ball

hotel staff

another neat thing about this holiday is that the flight crew was able to stay in Honduras for the week. they were put up in our hotel so we got to know them and hang out with them for the week. This is Tony in this picture with the kids. He came with us on our snorkeling adventure.
He was a great guy, and our pilot
Well this well have to hold you over for now. Will share more soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Honduras, now Home

I have been told to describe it as "unbelievable".
I think that most stories however are believable and actually if you forget about all the
sickness, I think we came away with some pretty good memories and if nothing else "stories"
I am not going to get into it all tonight, but we are glad to be home, thankful for the new friends we met and will have cherished memories from a country that is working hard at developing a land that works for tourist and locals alike.
I am working at putting together a video for the kids classes and when I do, I will share it with you along with the funny stories..
Good to be home, and thankful for all we have. Crystal.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Holiday

Gone to Honduras with the kids. Be back next week.

Monday, February 2, 2009

prairie wonder

Well I celebrated Destiny's birthday with a party on Friday. The kids were off school and we decided to invite her friends for 4 hours of "High School Musical" fun. My friends all asked me if I was crazy having a 4 hour party, but it went so fast. Stacey stayed to help me and it was great.

Destiny's Cake
This was my fist attempt at using marshmallow fondant, well fondant of any kind really.
I think it turned out ok. My cake is a bit lacking in originality but the "HSM" theme is there.
If you would like to try your own fondant I got the recipe here
Grandpa Jack got both the kids sparklers for their cakes. They loved them. Destiny blowing out her Candles. Only 2 boy friends ... ... ok really? your 9....

Everyone got their Picture with the birthday girl and then Michelle and I cut them down and put them in frames for everyone to take home. they all turned out so cute. Lilly was in every shot the girls were in.

Besides doing a word scrabble, bingo, picture taking, eating.. they also did dance routines.
I had printed out the words to two of Destiny's favorite HSM songs and set the music so that we could have a dance/sing off.. Girls against the boys.. It was amazing. I wished I had my video ready. The boys had an amazing routine, the girls sang there hearts out.. it was great.

Saturday Night
we got together with some friends. 9 of us went to
this restaurant
It was amazing food. I loved it.
This is a picture of the desert that we got. Brad took this shot on his phone.
I wish that I could describe how good it was.. just nummy will have to do until you can experience it yourself.. If you go, call me.. I will go again.
Thanks Mr. Rycroft for the suggestion, I will put it on my list of fav's..

Are you lost?
Jim took this picture out our back door this afternoon.
The kids and I were on our way to hockey and I noticed this moose on the other side of the hi way from our farm. We stopped to watch it for awhile and when we left we phoned Jim at home and told him that a moose was on it's way to our house and we could already see the horses going a bit crazy.. Jim said the moose went the entire perimeter of our land and then went west.. What a funny site out on the prairie.