Saturday, November 29, 2008


I got home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and I am doing well.
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, cards and gifts and phone calls.
A big thanks to my sister in law Maureen for all the care in the hospital. You made that experience so much better.. sorry about having to sleep on the cot. My Dad and Wendel came down as well. On Monday at the hospital I had my own body guards. Maureen, Wendel, Dad and Jim. It was great to have them all with me and even the OR nurse commented on how lucky I was to have such caring family.
Wendel went home Tuesday and Mo and Dad went this morning. I am going read and rest today. I am home alone for the day while Jim is running around with the kids. I can't go to far, just small walks around the house and then I am resting.. small steps every day.
I am currently sitting in the best thing I could think of to sit in while I was lying in bed so uncomfortable last night, my reclining lawn chair.! I got Jim to bring it in for me this morning before he left. I must say it feels pretty good... I can't do the stairs for a while.. so this is the next best thing to a recliner.

I'll be home for the next couple weeks, please call or come by and visit.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

loved it..!!

16 of us went on Friday night to the long awaited "twilight" movie.

I really enjoyed it. Out of our group only two had not read the book and one said that she did fall in love with Edward. We were so thrilled after seeing the movie we were all a bunch of giggly school girls.. Not to say that there wasn't a couple of "cheesy" parts that your imagination from reading the book was way better.. (the glitter)
Over all the group loved it.. and listening to all the love crazed teenagers giggling and screaming seemed to and to our stories at the end of the night. I do feel that I need to watch it again, in a more quite setting to appreciated it in a more personal way..heheh..
over all 8 out of 10..

I go in tomorrow to the PlH hospital in Calgary for my Surgery.. so I will be taking a little blogging break. Have a great week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In preparation

Not much to report, I have been finishing up my Christmas shopping on line and doing a couple of Christmas project that I can't share because they are Christmas presents. I have yet to start my Christmas/December journal and I am quickly running out of time to put it together. My surgery is next Monday and I feel like I am nesting and wanting to get all my cleaning done and things organized before that day. I have got as much as I am going to do with outside lights around the house and I will do some decorating Thursday to the inside. My dad and brother are coming for the weekend and My sister in law on Sunday. It will be nice to have it all done prior to them arriving. My sister in law (Mo) is staying for the week, and for that I am really thankful. I have no idea what to expect and she is a nurse and will be great to have with me.

Hayze has a hockey tournament in Strathmore this weekend. It will be great to have dad and Wendel here for that. Destiny has a ringette tournament in Lethbridge so Jim is taking her there and Jim is going to a Rodeo in Taber. Another weekend in the life of the Stevens family..

So, no baking, cooking or crafts to show you and the only cute shopping I have done is for gifts.. so again, no sharing at this time.

I will leave you with this picture of my sleeping beauty.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been having some weird dreams lately. And this morning I decided to get up and figure out what some of them are suppose to represent.
My last night dream was about an old acquaintance that has been dead for years, he died again.
Weird, I know! I am typical not a big dreamer, so that was freaky.
The Other night I dreamt that I had bugs in my hair. which is weird with being a co-owner of a hair studio, that would be disastrous. I couldn't find really anything about someone dying again, but this is what I found out about the bugs
To see a bug in your dream, suggests that you are worried about something. It is symbolic of your anxieties and/or fears. What is literally bugging you? Consider also the popular phrase "bitten by the bug" to imply your strong emotional ties or involvement to some activity/interest/hobby. Alternatively, the bug may be representative of your sexual thoughts.
So that made a little bit of sense, I am a bit nervous about my upcoming surgery.. not sure about the sexual thoughts part. Have a great weekend, Hayze and I are off to Cochrane today and Jim and Destiny are off the Cardston for a rodeo today. tomorrow, more of the same.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

bags and more bags

The past weekend was a extra long one for our family. With Remembrance day falling on a Tuesday the kids had the Monday off too. We had ringette games, hockey games, birthday parties , a couple sleepovers and a craft market all jammed into the 4 days. I think that everyone had a great time.
Hayze scored his first goal of the season on Tuesday in a game that ended up 2-1 for the other team. Great watching and I think the kids did great.
Got the decals changed on my Truck today, it was to late to take pictures when I got home tonight but they do look very nice and professional. I finally took my mom's detailing off from Heron Drilling, that was a mental game for me. I had help and some good company while I took them off today so that made it a little easier.
Millarville Market was really great. A little chilly for Destiny and some of the other woman but over all it was great. I bought a couple of Christmas gifts and a fabulous purse .

I bought it from a company called Fibres of Life They are a local company that practices "fair trade" These great felted bags are made in Nepal. You should really visit the website for other cute ideas. They do business at the Calgary Farmers Market on the weekends. This actual bag is not on the site but comes in a variety of colors with a great selection of panels for the front. I really can't say enough on how cute it is.. and the amount of compliments I have gotten is amazing. ( no I am not selling them, just love it.)

Stacey and I are however taking orders on these beauties. We are going to import a line of bags from Germany. We thought they would be great gifts and they would retail very well. The response has been amazing. If you are interested in anything that you see on the site let us know and we will be sure to order for you. The initial order will be our likes unless someone special requests, and we want your feed back.

(please click picture to view the website)

Please plan to attend this amazing event if you live in the Strathmore Area.

Monday, November 10, 2008

december family journal

I am going to do a December family journal inspired by these two posts Ali Edwards December Journal and Amy's Chirtmas Journal.

I hope that you will do something like this, this holiday season to remember this special time of year and to reflect on for years to come. It can be as detailed and as simple as you would like it. Enjoy the process and please share your journal and ideas with me.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I did today

This morning I was awake at 5am, excited about making some birthday invitations for our friends Jayse and Kadin. I wasn't sure what I was going to do and I wanted them to be special..
I finally thought myself back to sleep until 7am, got the kids on the bus and got to it.
This is what I came up with.

After I completed them, I took them to Costco to be printed on 4x6 photo paper. They turned out nice and the boys were thrilled.
FYI, if you need any photo printed right now Costco has a sale on for .10 a picture. The photo lab was busy but what a great savings if you have a lot to do. You can also upload to and pick up at a later date.

Tanya came with me to the city. I was on a mission to buy a new dresser.This is the one I liked and bought. As much as Jim hates putting together Ikea furniture, it was a substantial savings and it does look great.. He got it together in 2 hours.
Tanya and I both bought this bin for recycling. It looks really cool.
That was my day, other than watching Grey's Anatomy and having a family supper, what better day can you ask for.
Hope you like the new format. If there is something that isn't working or something I should change please drop me a note.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A couple more halloween pictures

Happy Halloween

Our Family, just arrived at the Rycrofts for a night of trick or treating

The Rycroft Family

Ethan getting ready for the big night.
Rodeo Clown

Great idea we seen at Brenda's.
This was in a dimly lit room...Califlower as a brain in food coloring..