Sunday, May 27, 2007

Canmore Alberta

may long weekend

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pretty Purple Pj's

Pretty in Purple
After a long day of playing, Destiny was ready for a bath and what better to put on after a bath but a new pair of pj's.
I picked these silky bottom pajamas up at Costco the other day and they are supper cute.
I am playing with the settings and lighting of my new camera. I got about a 45% success rate tonite. Not bad considering I am just playing around. I do have to really use my tripod in low lite settings. I am getting a lot of blurry pictures.

I am really loving my new toy.. I took a ton of pictures in Canmore on the long weekend. I am pleased with the way they turned out and will share theme when I get them all sorted out.. I took a lot.!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I flew to Saskatoon Saturday night to drive to Melfort to surprise my mom for mothers day. I got into Saskatoon Saturday night and stayed at Wendels and we drove out Sunday morning and showed up at 9:20. Mom was totally surprised and we showed up just in time for brunch with the family.

It has been a great day.. Sorry the time is going to be so short but I am glad that I got to come for a couple of days.

I rented a car to come out to mom and dad's.. it is quite cute.
Have a look..

Jim was so sweet to book me my flight ... It was my mothers day gift.. Now I get to go home and have another "mothers day" with my kids.
Thanks Honey bunny

Saturday, May 12, 2007

completed digital page

a complete 12x12 page

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Marlene visited last weekend for 3 nights. We had a fabulous time with a lot of little giggles. We did do a picture diary of our Saturday but to show them all would take to long. I'll give you just some of the high lites.... But just to let you know, I bought my "Twinks" eyeshadow at the M A C counter and Marlene and I were entertained by the staff for a short time..

The following pictures contain scenes of bad aim and good humor, please look at your own risk.
Vanilla Bean & Mar

Giddy UP!

great angle

It was a treat to have her hear and we all look forward to her return.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


It was my birthday today.. What a great day it was. Jim woke me up with a kiss and left for work. I got up at 7am and went to the kitchen to find a brand new "Canon Rebel" slr camera. Yes, I am a happy girl. all I could say when I called him was "shut up, SHUT UP!" I can't wait to get started with it. Then my brother Wendel called to wish me a happy birthday, I thought that was totally thoughtful, I talked to my mom and dad who are buying me some perennial plants to put in my front flower beds..and my brother Monty was there at work so I talked to him.
My girlfriends Tanya and Stacey arrived at 8:30 with gifts..Tanya got me wd40, a first aid kit and a hand held electric vacuum all for my trailer. Stacey got me a cookbook, spaghetti, wine opener, apron and a heating pad. The girls took me to Inglewood in Calgary for the day. (Can you believe I forgot my Camera?. My picture diary of the day is from my cell phone.)
Eat Eat in Inglewood
The Breakifast was Lovely.

"Break the Fast"
and what would a photo diary and a day with friends be without self portraits?
We actually got someone to take this one.

in front of the old Mclean auction. Jim and I actually bought six pigs here when we started dating. I had to show the girls.
We really think we should go to the horse races like this someday.

It was a wonderful day and I really had a good time. We all bought 6' tall metal flower bird feeder and I bought a couple of vases that hang on the wall for my basement. We sat and had a drink at a pub and just had a few giggles. thanks girls.!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Well, baseball has oficially started. What a great night we had last night.
Our kids both did really great. This is Destiny's first year in ball and she did surprisingly awesome. aware of positions and very interested.
We acsesorized with pink last night for the benefit of "coach Jason" who asked her to tuck her hair in her hat so they didn't know he had a girl on his team.!!
the ball is orange, can your see it?
Hayze was the only boy on the team with a "can" on so he played back catcher for the game. Like a pro I might add..

"like a pro"
He also conected a nice one the last inning of the game and got a home run.
It was a very fun night..

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I have been tagged from Amy. I have to list 7 random facts/habits about myself, and tag 7 people at the end. This is harder than I thought but here it goes.
1. I am addicted to my blog and reading other blogs. (I will list them some day.)
2. I am a bit of a fanatic about clean closets and cupboards. I have to stop myself from organizing them when the rest of the house is falling apart.
3. I have worn the same perfume for 14 years. "Issey Miyake"
4. I love anything "gadgety" or electronic. (i get it from my mother) my current fav's are my 'Q' and my 'i pod'. (a canon rebel is my choice for my next new toy)
5. I love my new home, but the best part for me is the office and the laudry room.
6. My style of scrapbooking is using one large picture. I actually had to have this pointed out to me. (did not know I had a "style")
7. I love, love Norah Jones.

Who to tag.... Well that is easy.. who reads my blog.?
Michelle S

Please comment on my blog your 7 radom habits/fact about yourself. I look forward to reading them.
At the bottome of this post just click on the word "comment" and you will be able to add your lists.
Anyone else have a blog. Would love to read it.
have a great day.