Sunday, August 30, 2009

the beginnings

Well, today marked the beginning of what is to come. A construction zone.

Jim and I sold our King size bed to a girl that works for me and we are buying a bedroom suit off a client who purchase a house already furnished. So in the mean time that gives us the opportunity to decorate our bedroom.. Hopefully this time actually "decorated it" it always seems to be the last room in the house to get the final touches. Jim painted it today and it is so different. We had a dark egg plant purple and a greeny tone with it before. Today Jim pained dark choc. brown and a really light cream. I think it will be nice once we decorate buy holly "white".. I don't have white painted anywhere in our home right now. "wow"

Our children went boating with their friends today.. They came tired and colored brown. They got lot's of sun and lot's of water sports. Thanks to the Hammonds for taking them. They had a blast.
When they got home we had the Hammonds for supper and a visit. I made this dessert. You should try it. So simple and kid friendly. We all loved it.

Well I will post some before and afters as they are ready. Currently no afters. It hopefully won't be long.

good evening

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back To School

Grade 5

Grade 4
Can you believe it. My baby is in grade 4. I can remember being in grade 4. I told them yesterday as we were walking into the school. I can remember being in grade 4, drawing horses with Marlene and sing to ABBA. All they could say was I didn't know ABBA was that old.! I guess that is how they see it.. Mom is old and we are big Kids moving on up in grades..
It really doesn't feel that long ago. Seems to me I was wearing "pedal pushers " then too..
Hears to another great school year, and good luck to all of you starting in the next few days.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

22 days

I can't believe that it has been 22 days since my last post, time flies in the summer and now back to school for the kids tomorrow. Can you believe it.
10 days of those 22 we spent on a "family summer holiday" yup I said family. Being a rodeo family we don't often get time to get away in the summer as a family.. This summer was an exception and hopefully a start of something new.

We started our holiday on Thursday the 13.. We left after Hayzes hockey school and went as far as Swift Current, Sk. We stayed in a cute little campground and got up and headed to Moose Jaw. We had decided to do the tunnel tour on our way to Manitoba. The city is so rich in history, the old buildings are really great as a back drop to pictures. I took some great shots there. I have a lot of updating to do so I won't share them all but we did have a fabulous time in Moose Jaw. ( link to the tunnel info)

Kids in Moose Jaw

We learned some history as well on the tour. It was interesting to listen to the kids when they told people about it. They had obviously learned a bit while having fun.
(Al Capone and attorneys)

From Moose Jaw we headed to Manitoba.
We celebrated Kenny and Shawna's 40th year.
they had a huge party and a fabulous supper for all of us.
thanks so much for the hospitality.
From there, on to Tobin Lake to do some house boating.
It was very pretty on the lake. The weather didn't cooperate with us unfortunately and the fish did not come out either. We had a ton of great food and we did manage to get a few card games in and the kids had a blast playing in the sand on our own private beach.
Upper deck of one of the house boats.
sport goofy
Jim is so funny!

Their you have it. a brief update of a few days of our lives. I dropped and broke my good camera and it is fixed and ready to pick up so I am sure you will be bombarded once again in the near future with pictures. Until then I will continue to update you on the past happening of our summer.
have a great day..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Complete

thank goodness, to much craziness.!.
This long weekend was jammed packed with rodeo, parade, chuckwagons, wild pony races and wicked storms.
We did get some visiting in with some old friends and the kids enjoyed the freedom of the rodeo infield

Here are some picture hi-lights.
Destiny with her face painted
Our friend Shelly Profit, her family drive wagons
Kids in the parade, the Burnco float with the musicians

This was the hail that fell at the rodeo grounds on Saturday night. Shaped the bullets.. that was crazy.. then Sunday night!

Sunday Night.
Sunday night hailed and Stormed at our home at 2:30 in the morning. Rocking and shaking our house. Our siding is cracked, window broke and my holiday trailer very badly hail damaged.
Horses ran through the fence and gates dinted. It was very scary, we took the kids to the basement and waited it out, we lost power for 8 hours. Not a night I want to relive.

A video of the boys first night wild horse racing.

So as you can see, it was fun and eventful. hopefully insurance is not a hassle and a "make work project" and we can get this fixed up without any problems.

Back to work tomorrow, I think that it will be a welcome change to the unscheduled weekend.