Sunday, July 27, 2008

gone Camping

Be back in a few days.
Just in time for 5 days of Wild Horse Racing in Strathmore.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My niece..??

Well, my question goes out to everyone of you.. Do I have to call her a niece if my sister in law adopts her, cleans up after her, loves her, babies her like no buddies business and of course uses that little oogy, moogy voice that only comes out when something is really cute..
(that's still up for debate as well)
The newest member of our extended family


Our little Lilly had a great time playing with her.. She was smart enough to get into small spots so that Maggie couldn't fit in..It was really cute to watch the two puppies play.
I think that they both had a great time at the 75th birthday as well.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Looking So Much Younger

The secret to younger looking skin?
Start when you are eight.

She feels that her skin is so much younger.. almost that of a four year old.. (it's a miracle)

Destiny and her little friend Karissa

I am sure that we are going to have to do this again real soon because, today her skin is back at its ripe old age of 8.. Darn the luck. This was a very fun sleepover thing to do.. the girls loved it.

Hear are a couple pictures from the Rodeo the other day. The kids prior to their race.. deep in thought. They have another event this weekend in Writing On Stone and then we are off to a few days of camping. I am looking forward to getting my trailer out this summer. (hopefully the plexi glass is out by then)

What are you summer plans.. Any ideas you would like to share with us. We are looking for plans for the last week in August.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Arrowwood Rodeo

The kids, Jim, Me and my Dad (Ross) all had a great day in the sun during the Arrowwood rodeo on Sunday.

Jim's Bulldogg'n didn't turn out so good but he did place in the team roping. Jims not to proud of this picture but I am proud of the photography ... and really.. it is good for a giggle. Destiny and Hayze entered the wild pony race for the second day in a row and they were both in the barrel racing.

It was great to have my dad here for a week and my yard is well on it's way to being caught up. Nice just having another set of hand to help out.

have a great day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prairie Girl

Well it has been a few days since I have posted.. My dad has kept me busy and my kids have kept us both busy. I have went to Melfort and back since my last post to celebrate my dad's 75 birthday and dad has came back to Strathmore to spend some time with us here. I have enjoyed having him here and I think that he has enjoyed being here.. We are both pretty bossy so that can sometimes be a problem... (thank goodness we love each other)

I have not really taken a ton of pictures in the last little while but I do want to catch up on some of them.. so here is a recap.
Jim at Dad's birthday. In the evening around the fire. you are so handsome.

me in Dad's hat... He takes it off to eat.. I was the one he handed it to....I am soooo hot.!!
my boys..
The poster Wendel gave dad of himself on a cover of a magazine.
Marlene, looking cute as always.
Kirk, Hayze, Lane and Landon. They are so cool

Destiny priming up for her watermelon eating contest that she wins... Shock, shock..!
Rid'em Cowboy.. He looks like he is really spurring.. ouch..
Grandpa at my house in front of our flower garden.. These perennials are from our "Friends and Family" gathering last year. Our flowers look so nice.
A little chicka dee eating bird seed in our flower garden
Hayze riding Razzle Dazzle (Raz) the other night
I took the kids to the water park while dad got a massage the other day.

The Prairie Sunset a couple nights ago off my back deck. It was so beautiful the way the sun was leaving shadows in the barley.. You can't take that away from us prairie people, that is sent from God.
Dad and I are off to a wedding tomorrow and Jim and the kids are off to do a bit of wild pony racing. Sunday takes us back to Arrowwood for the rodeo again. I am really excited for the kids.
I will post results as they come in..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

What Else Do You Go For?

The Grease and the Sugar..

We did try a little bit of everything yesterday at the Calgary Stampede!! Minus the Cotton Candy.. However we did learn a valuable fact about Cotton Candy. Only about 1/2 tablespoon of sugar is in a small bag of cotton candy and only 150 calories in a large. Can you believe it? Now that is good news

this is how the rodeo started.. With about 12 sky divers saluting Canada.
How patriotic.

The kids got autographs from all the winners from the day.

Another remarkable thing was that each of their bronzes that they received right after the rodeo was already engraved with there names and they were each give cards to sign for the kids.
The kids with Scott and Maysa. he had a 88 pnt ride in the bull riding that day.

Our last stop of the day was to Indian Village. We were just in time to see a

Pow Wow and then the kids had a Indian Taco.

It was a fantastic Day, thanks to BURNCO for the great lunch and rodeo tickets

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I think the pool is oficially a hot tub. We might have even seen it bubbling in spots.
We did some last minute shopping today and came home and organized and did a bit laundry and went in the pool.
Pictures are really lacking but we did see the skin of this really big bug that all most looked like the shell of a bee.

Me trying to get rid of the tan lines at our pool with Destiny's hat on.Entrance to Chandler Mall. Very nice mall.
Live feed of Huntington Beach California in the Hollister store. If you can see. the Temp. at the beach in California is a perfect 75 degree's.

This is the "shell" of a bug that was stuck to the rock of the pool.. A perfect shell , hollow with stinger attached. Any ideas of what this is. Let us know.

Have a great night.