Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gold Medalists.

What a fantastic day Hayze and I had together at the.........

Stacey and Kadin picked us put at 6:30 this morning for a day at the Olympic Oval in Calgary.
Cassie Campbell put on a street hockey festival for all age levels of Hockey.. Hayze and his buddies were the "Strathmore Road Dawgs"....
Look at the action.....
Group photos were taken of all teams and then sold for the charity.

Exciting moment for me, I think more than Hayze.. however he looks pretty happy..
Cassie was really nice and very approachable. She talked to us all and was very casual.
I even got my picture with her.. She didn't sign my shirt.. (she offered, jokingly)
Hayze also go MIKE BOOSEY to sign his shirt... I never got a picture.. a little late.

the boys...
The boys met under a tent and were educated a little about Ronald McDonalds House and given "loot bags".. they received a tone of free stuff..

Happened upon Ronald himself as he was arriving..

the boys all played really well and won there division in the morning taking them to the gold medal round. Hayze was in goal for this game and played really well.. the final score of this nail biter was 4-3 for us.. Winning the Gold for the novice division.

receiving their medals.. Don Cherry ( look alike) interviewed for coaches corner.. was fantastic.

a priceless picture of the gold medals, and Casie Campbell .... So very proud of the team.

and this little man....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Expressing Yourself

Well as some of you know I get the opportunity to work with clients and the spa staff on Wednesday every week. On those days you can always count on some great conversations, topics ranging from kids, hockey, movies, life's worries and a lot of just fun, silly stuff.. Well yesterday was no different. Some parents of teenagers my have heard some of the new saying that the kids are using...apparently "like" has made it's way back into mainstream vocabulary and a couple of other great ones... The one we have been talking about is the use of "RANDOM". You look so "random", that dance was so "random"... not really to sure how that all fits in but it is the new word.... so... Tanya and Karli thought that they would start there own word... "saber tooth".. yes..saber tooth.. they are waiting for it to catch... you look so "saber" today.. you are the "toothiest" of all " sabers"... Well you get the idea.. We had a lot of laughs over this..

Which brought us to our next conversation about computer jargon... You know all the abbreviated phrases everyone uses.. I actually am a hater of the cutesy little :) ;) (:") (wow, that was a lot of work to figure those out..) I don't text that much and maybe that is why I don't like the whole lol, omg... stuff either..

I say this to the clients and the staff yesterday, only to figure out that I have my own way of "laughing out loud" when I am typing.. HE,HE Te he, ha, ha... and my clients favorite was just HA!!!!.

Our conversations are always fun and assorted... yesterday's brought up a lot of comments and questions about texting and actually socializing with your friends.. A sign of the times the mom of two teenager assured me.. Still not to sure if that makes it OK...

I am feeling a bit of a generation gap as I write this.. simply in my thoughts that it is still OK just to pick up the phone and really just "laugh our loud"

Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Babes on Blades

Well the dance is over and what a great time it turned out to be.
The weather was not on our side for our dance on Saturday night however we still had a turn out of about 90 at Lyalta hall for our hockey wind up dance.

I think that everyone had a great time kicking up their heels and visiting with all of their friends.
The girls are already talking about doing it again on New Years Eve....

So the survey is complete with the "No Way" only winning out by 54%.. I must admit that this is a bit surprising number to myself.. However I did a bit of research of my own during the Saturday night function, only to realize that I am a little behind the 8 ball when it comes to "fruity underarm deodorant". I guess there is a wide variety out there and available in brand name product... not just at the dollar store as I had assumed... My mistake.!!
the following picture demonstrates some of my findings on Saturday night. I am not sure that they have changed my mind about the product however I may take a wiff on my way be next time.
Thanks for contributing ladies.

Have great night, and thanks for the good times.

Finally some pictures to share

fun times at the Ranchmans for the kids.

Destiny receiving her "bronze" for second place pole bending.

Hayze receiving his "halter". for third place pole bending.

the "bronzes"

the "buckles"
Look for pictures from the hockey dance that was Saturday night.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Winnings

What an incredible day for our kids. We were so blessed to find a horse for Destiny to ride yesterday at the finals and Hayze's horse worked very well...
Marissa, If you ever read this... thanks for letting Destiny ride "Cowboy"

Today was the banquet for the year end and our children did very well.
Destiny won, 1st in the barrel racing, 2nd in both the thread the needle and the poles.
Hayze won 1st in both the barrels and the thread the needle and 3rd in the poles.
buckles were first prize, bronzes were 2nd prize and halters were third prize.

The event was at the Ranchmans in Calgary, what a great place to have something like this.
1st, I think our kids were excited to see inside a bar and second .. so much for them to do..
they could ride the mechanical bull, shoot some pool, or just hang with there friends.
What a nice big space for us all to be for such a great day.

computer acting up.. will add pictures as soon as I can.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Hair

Well I got a cut today. And boy does it feel good.. I actually got my whole head cut.. not just my bangs, or the back or it thinned. no I got the whole thing cut. I really like it. I hope that i am able to do it myself tomorrow.. I guess I have some help if I am in trouble... the girls at the shop are great that way.

Here is my new hair.

tomorrow are my eyebrows.. How do they ever get this bad..?

I just wanted to add to this post that Lynn your Amish friendship bread is in route and how in the world did you finish that book in one night? I am glad you did.. but how? I am also glad to hear that you are in love with Edward too.... It feels good doesn't it? tehe.. Who knew that at our age we could love a fictional young vampire... Anyway are you going to let Jazmin read it?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some New Things to Try

Good Evening, Well work was excellent today and I came home to an empty house.. Supper was made and my family was out in the barn hammering and remodeling.. (that's another post all together... ) So I ate alone, decided to grab my latest issue of Wish Magazine and finished were I left off last week. I found somethings I thought worth sharing with you in the "Food and Entertaining files". The first thing I found that I think might be the most use full tool I have came across in a while is Cookthink Now we can stop stressing about what's for dinner tonight! Enter a few ingredients (Whatever's in the fridge) and you'll have a list of delicious, no-brainer recipes in no time - for free.
This is one recipe that came up when I was just playing around on the site. I can't wait to try it out a little more.
Another little tip I will be trying is ... President choice "chicken stock" I guess it is the best and for only $4.00 I will get it to have in my pantry.

Now talking about Presidents choice... Yes I made another trip back to the Super Store last week with Stacey and I bought new dishes for my trailer.. I was so excited. they are the cutest things ever.

I bought the blue set complete with the matching glasses, bowls, and 2 sizes of plates. plus some acrylic wine glasses that really look like glass...
What the website has to say.:
"This stylish, brightly-coloured new version of our popular melamine dinnerware is long lasting and heat resistant. Perfect for casual dining on the patio." yada yada yada... It is just cute.! and will be awesome in my trailer...

Well I continue on with "new moon" so I must go..
don't forget to do the survey on the side... and have a great night.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Well we had a great weekend at home and out and about.... Baseball season has officially started with tryouts on Saturday for Hayze. Hayze will be in the "Mosquito" division this year. This is a great jump for him and I think he will learn a lot. More competitive and no more pitching machines.

We got together with some friends yesterday and went to the ball diamond at Cairen Hill.
It was a lot of fun for everyone. Michelle so graciously supplied our supper, and we had a great BBQ

Our Cute little Jenna, she had a great time with all the other kids playing on the tires and she even tried her had at baseball.. She did so well and looked so cute in the back catcher mask. Of course I was out of battery for that shot.

Look at that smile.. and action.!!

What better place to play ball than in the prairie grass.. The diamonds are in need of a bit of TLC but absolutely perfect for us yesterday.

I wanted to share some ideas on Destiny's hair for anyone that is interested.Before

After if you click on the picture you can see it bigger.

I am making my way through "New moon" has anyone started "Twilight" yet?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trip to Town

Well our trip to Calgary was an adventure. Hayze and I set out at 8:30 this morning for a 9:30 apt at the orthodontist. We were clear sailing and ready to meet his class mates at aggie days at stampede park after his appointment.

We just got out of the yard and Jim called to let us know that it was snowing in Calgary really bad. Ya, ya.. was our attitudes.. It was no were close to snowing at our home...We continue on our venture and not until about 8 miles east of the City did we run into snow... and not until we turned north onto the Deerfoot did we run in to a very, very, very long traffic jam... It took us over 1 hour to go 10 miles..

We were going slower than this fella..

The snow we walked through in the parking lot of the orthodontist was more that 8 inches high.. Amazing how snow can fall in Calgary so wet and heavy and nothing in our yard.. 30 mins away. Needless to say that the school trip was cancelled for all the kids..

I had phoned the Dr.'s office to assure them we would be arriving, just 1 hour late. They were fine with that and when we arrived we were 1 of 2 patients that had arrived.. 8 chairs sat empty.. we are troopers..

Well I wish that was the only reason we persevered, OH NO, I had alerter motives..I had to get to the city to get my book.. well books actually. I also bought the next one in the series.

Well have a great night.. I have some reading to do.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Template Joy

Well I had a client ask me today how my scrapbooking was going. Pretty sad to say that I haven't done any in months. I was encouraged by her and Tanya that I should do some.. So here it is. I found a template on line and downloaded it.. I was then able to work on it with my own paper choices and my pictures. I loved doing it.. I would like to say that It didn't take that long however I do still have some time commitment here.. Oh well.. I loved doing it and I think it turned out ok..

I want to say thanks to Tanya for the "juno" sound track.. how great it that.? I think we found our new campfire songs.. no promises but I bet I can teach myself the chords on my guitar.. Can't wait!!!!!!!! You maybe listen to a song of it now if you have your volume turned up.. funny stuff.

One last thing... I might have told you how obsessed I have become with the book Twilight.. (finished it in a record time of 3 days) Well I have many thoughts about it.. and apparently everyone that has read the book is also feeling the same way.. It is a must read.. and if you go to "amys" link on my sidebar.. She has actually started a blog just about the book and the soon to be coming out movie. Have a look and a read.. ..

p.s.. I am in love with a Vampire.... I much younger vampire.. or is he.. ? If you've read the book let me know your thoughts on that..

Click on book for link to stephenie meyers website.

I am going to purchase the second book tomorrow.. Jim is afraid he is losing me.. He just might be...
good night. and sweet dreams

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amish Friendship Bread

This is more than a recipe This is recipe that takes ten days to make..

Maybe it's a touch stone to our past - to those days not so very long ago when everything we did took time and where a bread that took 10 days to make was not as extraordinary as it seems today.
I am currently on Day 4 of this 10 day process and wanting to share with you.
Comment on this post and I will forward you your starter when I separate it on day 10. I will include the recipe and directions. When you've made your bread, you can give your friends a sample and the starter that made it! Then your friends can make their own and pass it along to their friends. This is why the bread is called "friendship bread". It makes a great homemade present. I can't wait to see how far I will be sending my starters..
Please post a comment by clicking "comment". When you have left me your name you can click on anonymous and it will allow you to send your comment.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

having a day

Well today was Destiny's day.. I must have taken a hundred pictures of her and her "stuff" today. I am feeling sad for her today so we made it her day (with out telling her of course). We "spring" cleaned her room and moved all the furniture around. She tried on all of her clothes for spring and summer and we organized her drawers. Just when we finished that, Jim wanted to leave to go do chores at Twylla's.. Hayze was at a birthday party and Destiny went with Jim to do chores so I was free to purge at my own will.. I got one full garbage bag of garbage, one full for good will and another bag for the "take it or leave it". Now that felt good. Our children's rooms are not that big.. How does that happen that I could get rid so much stuff. her are some pictures of the completed project. It took me 4 hours to do... by the time the curtains were washed and hung and floor washed by hand on my knees. Yes it is clean.!

new butterfly sheets

Table Tanya painted in 05

Idea from Amy .....................clean bulletin board

Well as you can see Destiny little room came together quite nicely. The butterfly theme has become the obvious. It works very well now that everything is clutter free. Never really seen the top of the table Tanya painted..

Destiny loves her new room too... When she came home and seen it she was overcome with excitement.. (silliness really) She spent sometime in her room while I prepared Sunday supper. When we sat down to eat.. this is what she wanted to share.
She read " Little one was a very good horse, she had many friends like Hot rod, streamer, and raz until this very day. She died today and we will never forget her."

Well she had all of us in tears. I was very glad to see her emotions and we hugged and she had a little cry at the dinner table. Our little girl finally showed emotion...

Well that really sums up our day. Tomorrow I hope to get more of the same done... Hopefully on a quicker time schedule.

good evening.