Monday, January 26, 2009

what a whoot!

Just finished Destiny's cupcakes to take to school tomorrow. Thought I would share.
Her birthday is going to be High School Musical theme. This is just something different for school. Basically for my benefit because I am into owls right now.
happy birthday my baby girl..

Sunday Gourmet

Well I am not sure if you can call it gourmet but it sure was good. On Sunday, we came home after Hayze's hockey game ( they were defeated 6-4) and had brunch. I made a triple stack of pancakes made from my new pancake molds I got a Williams and Sonoma.
These molds make a hollow centre when stacked so that you are able to
fill them with whatever topping of filling that you desire. I put warmed up apple pie filling in ours and let it over flow on top. I then put grated old cheddar cheese on top, I loved the sharp taste with the sweet.. Kids didn't have the same feelings about the cheese.
A couple of things to consider when doing something like this. I think metal cookie cutters would work to make shapes. You would just need tongs to remove them prior to flipping.
Key tricks, batter has to be quite runny, molds have to be hot prior to pouring batter in to them and they need to be greased well in between each pancake. Pam works great.
I used one pan just to keep the molds hot in between.. I wish I had a large griddle so I could cook all three at once rather than one at a time. These ended up being a long process and my kitchen actually looked like a bomb went off before I was done.
It all ended well and they were excellent. We all loved them and they are on our list to try again.
We serve sausage with them.. got me thinking you could just put the sausage in the middle and pour your syrup right on top. Kind of gives new meaning to "pigs in a blanket"

My helper.. like I mentioned the kitchen took a beating this morning.. I was prepping for this
potato soup, and making brunch at the same time. Destiny was a great help at keeping us on top of the dishes because when we finished the soup, we started making her cupcakes for her birthday.. Which is tomorrow. I hope to send cupcakes to school for her and then bake a separate cake for her party on Friday. Please, please try the recipe for potato soup on Amy's blog. It is so good.. I called it "potato skin soup".. It tastes just like them and it is so nummy..
Destiny trying to beat the winter weather. I think we have all had enough of this cold.

She looks so cute in her Hawaiian outfit..
To bad we are going to Honduras for our vacation..!!..
I am sure they will let her were it if she wants to..
I realized today that I never shared with you the "Santa Hats" that I made for Destiny's Christmas ringette party. They turned out adorable and I wanted to show them off..
I got the idea from here
We had so much fun making them. I did however have the dilemma of how to make them stand up. We didn't have any styro foam and Jim couldn't find any in town so after the kids hands were full of sticks I got the bright idea to use a 2x4. Hayze drilled the holes for me and we were lucky enough to get the perfect size drill bit and they stood up nicely.. The girls loved them and ate every last one.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boys and their Toys

Jim bought himself a new toy yesterday. A Heel o Matic

This toy will teach Hayze how to rope and let then both practise using the quad to pull it around.
The good part is that there is no long horns getting out in the middle of the night and Jim won't have to feed any cattle.I think both him and Hayze are really excited about it. Click here to watch a video of what it can do. Destiny's paint horse is currently at the feedlot getting rode, I think the boys are thinking that they would like to rope off of it.. We will see how that goes over.

All this "cowboy" stuff made me remember that I hadn't shared with you the spurs that Twylla got made for the kids for Christmas. They are so nice. As you can see they have thier names on them in silver. Twylla has explained that they will beable to grow with them as well. The gentleman that made them will adjust them as they grow. We love them.

Now if it warms up, we can all go play with the plastic steer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas In the Rockies

We Celebrated another great season with the staff in Canmore this weekend.
We stayed at the Wind tower Hotel and had two beautiful suits for the girls.
It was a fantastic time. We shopped, went to a locate establishment, went for a fabulous supper at he grizly paw (local micro brewery) and spent the evening in our hotel room playing some very fun games.
The pictures are just a taste of what it looked like.
12 of us were able to make it for the weekend.
we missed the rest of you.
the local "establishment" where we played pool in the afternoon
The Grizzly Paw let the games begin.
Tanya and Karli put together some amazing games for us to play.
They had planned 27, we only got through 10.
Can you see the "twist" on connies ankle? Yes we had to do that with flippers on.
You did not want to get a question wrong playing this game.
Tanya supplied us with this glasses for the night. What a whoot.!

They were clean, I promise you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week long Celebration

Well it all started a week ago today.. 10 year old birthday Celebration.
Brad and Kody Hammond took Hayze and Jim to the Flames game for there birthdays. ( kody celebrates his this Saturday) They had an amazing time and the Flames won. The boys got to watch the warm up and then Curtis Glencross's mom took the boys down below to get thier jerseys signed. ( Hayze got his jersey for his birthday) They than sat in some "big wig" seats that Brad had arranged and enjoyed an evening of great entertainment. What a great photo.. Can you see the puck? Kipper can!
Glencross in the warm up.
His mother Robyn is a business partner of a friend of mine.. talk about being 'hooked up'
THANK YOU so much for taking time for the boys

The biggest Flame fans there that night.
GO Flames Go!

Then came the actual birthday... Tuesday, Hayze had to stay home from school because he hasn't been feeling good. I took him to get a massage and an Chiro adjustment. And he relaxed for the better part of the day.. until he opened his gift and got some money.. He had started to save up for a I pod Touch and now had enough money.. so on a snowy, sick day.. we went into Wal-Mart so that he could buy "all he wanted" for his birthday.
This thing rocks.. I love it..
Needless to say on his birthday there was no fancey supper or birthday cake.
Today he seems better and I made supper and some cupcakes to celebrate.. and finally sing
"Happy Birthday"

These were the cupcakes I decorated for him.

I just used wasx paper to make a stripe down the middle of the high balls and then dipped them in sugar sprinkles. The number on top is on a chocolate waffer and printed with more icing.

The chalk is two candy's together and a hole pushed in the top.
I loved them.. they turned out so cute.

Destiny delivered the dessert tonight for the sing song.. woops.. just a little accident..

great for a big giggle.. and thier is nothing better than that..
Happy Birthday Buddy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little "shop" therapy

Well after Christmas I thought I needed a little shop therapy, so Destiny and I went to Calgary to exchange some boots and look around at all the sales. It was a great day of shopping and we came home with some fabulous pieces from the Pottery Barn. I had post on facebook that I loved my new Pottery Barn Furniture and a few of you had requested and update with pictures on the blog so here they are. I love my new furniture.

Coffee table and Side table

Sofa Table

The best thing of the day for me was the two little owls that you see on the table.
are they not the cutestest things ever.. They are also from the Pottery Barn.

I wanted to also add a belate Birthday Greeting to both
My sister in law Maureen and my mother in law Judy.
I hope that you both had the best birthdays and that your year is full of whatever your wishes are for the next year and beyond.

We have 2 birthdays coming up in our home too.. Hayze will be 10 on the 13th and Destiny will be 9 on the 27th.. I can't wait to celebrate with them.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

mini update

I have a lot going on right now and my main computer internet is still not working.
I thought I would just write a little something and share another pictures.
hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new year.

Hayze and Destiny with there Cousins, Damen and Jasmine.

taken over the Christmas holidays.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Computer Crapout.

What a terrible time for my satelite internet provider to crap out on me. I have however figured out that my laptop works on wireless.. Go figure.
Just a brief update tonight because really I have so much to share.
The holidays were filled with Family,good food and some good laughs.
This picture is of Wendel playing a board game with us. "the dangerous book for boys" has a board game .. it is a lot of fun We had some good laughs... Even if it was below 30 degrees most days
the kids played mini shiny, swam, and rodeoed over the break. this helped so that no one became house bound.

I promise to share more pictures later.
Please click on the link on the side to see the pictures from the Ladies Hockey New Years Eve dance.
Have a good night