Wednesday, November 4, 2009

halloween 2009

Our Friend Ethan, (ping pong player) and Kadin ( road sign )
The kids Halloween Night

Our halloween was a bit rushed because destiny had a hockey game in Olds late afternoon.
We made it back in time to meet with friends and head out trick or treating. It was a nice but chilly night and the kids trick or treated long enough to fill there bags and actually feel like they had enough.
Hayze was a nerd or Alfalfa. and Destiny was a Zombie. I got this dress at the thrift sale for $1.00 and will be able to use it again next year for something. My suggestion was princes Fiona, from shriek.
With everyone being sick the week of halloween, not to much effort went into this years activities. Next year will be better. IT was fun just the same.

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Lynn said...

Hayze, you're the cutest nerd I've ever seen!