Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cutest Helper

Destiny has recently lost a few privileges at home due to some wrong choices, so she has plenty of extra time to help me around the house. Yesterday, she helped cook supper, do laundry, cleaned the front entrance, and even straightened the shoes in my closet with out being asked.
She is a great little helper, and a great little conversationalist with out the T.V on.

I took this picture to finally show you the beautiful apron that the kids "aunty Marlene" made them. This is Destiny's and it is made out of recycled jeans. Thanks Kim.. Hayze's apron is made of recycled denim as well. Just a little more masculine. I will share a picture of him in it, if he ever actually helps in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting a picture of her wearing it!
Auntie Marlene

Michelle said...

I would love the pattern to make this. I can't wait to show Kaity she is not the only one who loses the TV and has to work around the house.