Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It Is In The Eye

Its amazing to me how they are all so different.
Their eyes can tell a story, and I never really realized it until recently.
This particular horse is a bit of a wild spirit. After a recent storm she
became our best friend and had eyes a stressed and as scared as mine.
The other thing so amazing is that animal lovers and horse crazed people can tell a horse apart by their eyes. I spent a hour or so out taking pictures of the horses one day not telling anyone and when I started editing them, Destiny came right up and said, oh I like Brahma's eye.
Really, because I couldn't even remember which horse it was.


These were a couple of my favorite "eye" shots from that day.
I tried to make this one sepia, not nearly as effective with that blue eye.


Julia said...

That is so cool, I had to look twice. Seriously.

Michelle said...

I can see Destiny knowing her horses by the way they whinny also. To be able to share apart of your soul with such beauitful animals is amazing.