Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun Country Riders Banquet.

Last Saturday we finished up the "Fun Country Riders" season with a banquet and dance.
It was a great event, with lots of raffle items, pot luck supper, awards and a DJ dance.
The kids had an excellent time and were a great help that night.

The Awards

Both kids did really well.
Destiny won High point for their division and Hayze won reserve.
Destiny received a bronze and Hayze a beautiful painted pony. both engraved with there personal information.
Destiny also won best in poles and barrels and Hayze won best versatility. ( other events)
They received framed pictures of themselves with the information on the photo for what they won. ( they are very nicely done)

Proud dad.

( Hayze was happy he had his Hawaii shirt on in the photo he received)

Destiny and her dad dancing

They kids had so much fun dancing, Hayze asking all the moms to dance. I think he felt more comfortable dancing with them than the younger girls.

Destiny danced with all the young kids and ran around having fun.

Hayze took on quite a big roll at the dance, he helped pull tables and chairs out when we needed extra, he help sell raffle tickets, he and Nicole sold 50/50. ( raising $105 dollars) then he was confident enough when the time come to draw to go on stage and talk to the DJ so that he and Nicole could draw the number. He spoke in the mic like a pro and even mentioned other things that were going on, selling cookbooks and raffle tickets.
The night was a huge success for the club and our family had a great time.


carolbcool said...

way to go Destiny and Hayze

carolbcool said...

Happy Halloween

Anonymous said...

Way to go Hayze and Destiny.
Really proud of you.

Uncle Wendel