Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Give away and reuse

Picture from Art In Motion

A while back I had mentioned to my friend Tanya that I wanted to organize a swap. You know a place where my friends and I could bring 10 or so items to swap with other ladies. This could be anything from house hold decor to books to dishes, just something in good shape but that you don't use or need anymore. Well I haven't had the time to organize such an event, however, my dear daughter gave me an idea tonight. I have this nice picture in my office just sitting on my desk. It recently lost it's home when I redecorated my bedroom. The other thing I have in my office right now is 52 items for a raffle table for the kids banquet for the gymkhana club. Destiny said "mom why don't you donate this picture to the raffle table? Well I can't really do that seeing it is "used". But what I can do is "raffle it away" on my blog. So I am encouraging reusing/recycling, and I think it is to nice of picture to take it to the "take it or leave it". It is a real nice feminine piece that would go nice in a romantic, or french, or girls room. It caught my eye because it was so "classy".
Ok. If you would like this picture for your home, leave a comment on this post and I will make a draw for it next Wednesday Oct. 28.
If you are selected I will mail it out to you, I will contact you for your info if required.

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Jazzy said...

Hey Auntie Twink! That picture would be really great in my room cause it's black, white and pink and I need some stuff for my walls. Love you!

TANYA said...

ok so here is a bid and a reasons that I would be the perfect winner for this photo.
1.i have another, different picture of a shoe with the word new york on it
2.i have a plate with a ball gown on it
3.and i want to hang the three as a collection on my newly finished walls down stairs
4.shipping fees to give to me...PRICLESS!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi honey i ll take ur picture