Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bringing Home the Hay

Well it is that time of year to get ready for the season ahead. The snowy rain came just two days after we got our bales home for the winter.
We had a lot of help for this evening of bale moving and it went very quickly.
I supplied the supper, the boys did all the work.

You can see the weather rolling in just behind Jim in this picture.

That is our friend Kody, Hayze and our nephew Gerrick. Gerrick loved watching the bales fall.
Awh, too wicked! Was the saying that got us giggling.
The boys were an excellent help.

Helping Uncle, Gerrick had a great time

The boys on the top of the stack, ready to go home.

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Colten Stewart said...

If you ever need another set of hands, call me I love to work.